Ronin Group Solutions is a New Zealand-based company who are re-sellers for Kirona Solutions (UK). Kirona provide organisations with world class Field Workforce Automation Solutions.

We provide our clients with a full suite of software solutions that enables customers to manage their end-to-end service processes and to seamlessly link field-based workers with central functions.  

Without exception, our clients gain multiple benefits from deploying our unique field workforce automation solutions. Benefits include Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs, Improved Customer Service and Greater Management Insight & Control.

Job Manager

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Built using leading and proven technologies, Kirona’s Job Manager Suite is the next generation of mobile solution for your field workforce.

This device agnostic software gives your field workers the information they need to carry out their jobs no matter where they are. You eliminate paperwork, speed up job completion, and support essential data capture including signatures, barcodes, and camera photographs; all from consumer or rugged Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablet PCs.

It doesn’t matter what business process the mobile workforce is carrying out or the industry you work in; be it public sector, utilities, telecom, construction, facilities management, transport, logistics, or others. Your business can benefit from Kirona’s Job Manager Suite.

The Job Manager Suite is not only aimed at improving the working processes of mobile operatives in the field. It also helps office supervisors who want real-time visibility of their workforce and its productivity.

It incorporates DRS Scheduler dynamic job scheduling, real time updates of job progress, GPS tracking of workers or vehicles, and InfoSuite performance management to draw attention to important matters as they happen i.e. workers not clocking in, jobs exceeding SLA’s etc.

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Dynamic Resource Scheduler

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DRS Scheduler is an industry leading, dynamic solution for scheduling the work of field staff.

DRS takes into account the nature of each field task, the level of emergency, the customer’s location, the location, skills and hours worked of the operative and the existing schedule.

Route Optimisation

Routes between jobs are optimised in real-time, saving on cost and ensuring that each operative completes the maximum number of jobs per day. DRS Scheduler enables you to reduce distance covered and time spent travelling saving on fuel and time.

Emerging Day

DRS Scheduler allows work planners to adapt to the ‘emerging day’ as it unfolds and consistently deliver high levels of customer satisfaction. It manages the challenges presented by emergencies and overrunning appointments by automatically re-allocating work between field operative’s Job Manager Mobile application.

Appointment Made, Appointment Kept

Whilst several workforce management systems offer similar dynamic and planning functions, none compete on its appointment booking capabilities. DRS Scheduler dynamic optimises appointments before they are scheduled, not after. This ensures that if an organisation needs to make an appointment with a customer, they know that appointment can be kept and that is making the optimal use of resources. The result is both, unparalleled customer satisfaction and worker productivity.

What’s more, DRS Scheduler’s intuitive service booking screen can be integrated into existing CRM and website screens, ensuring optimised work allocation for users who have no training, or knowledge that their appointment is being booked dynamically.

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Performance management dashboard

Monitor and track your business in real time; job status, job plan or master schedule, individual worker diaries, mobile worker location, jobs completed per day, travelling time etc.

InfoSuite can be set to give you real-time, holistic visibility of your business performance. Entirely intuitive, you can create your own charts or tables in minutes. Few things in life are this simple, yet powerful!

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Packed Full Of Features

Job Manager & DRS are packed full of features that are vitally needed by organisations with field workforces.

Job Manager Features

  • Data Capture from simple forms to complex workflows

  • Photo Capture for evidence or future reference by colleague

  • Tracking shows workers where they are in relation to their jobs

  • Create Job enables ad-hoc and follow-on work to be created

  • Parts & Materials are captured to update stock and job costs

  • Signature capture for proof of delivery or customer satisfaction

  • Timesheets to record worker productivity, overtime and bonuses

  • Offline capabilities ensures work can carry on without network coverage

  • Safeguard provides lone worker panic alarms and timers

  • Studio enables organizations to build their own mobile data capture forms

DRS Features

  • Dynamic Scheduling getting the job to right people with no hassle

  • Book Appointments and make sure they aren’t missed

  • Route Optimisation maximises efficiency by minimising travel

  • InfoSuite provides interactive reports and graphs for your SLA’s and KPI’s

  • Self Service allows customers to book their own optimised jobs

  • SMS & Email alerts remind customers of appointments

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